Solo Show —April 2011

The opening reception of my solo show at the State of the Art Gallery was very successful —277 visitors came and everybody admired the colors and the variety of media,size,and composition of the work. Both children and the adults seemed to really enjoy playing with the balls of “Gravity and Levity”(see the video,below) and they had fun turning the wheel of “Andrejs’Bicycle Wheel”(which is sold!).

As a special addition to the event,there was a juggler,Lyc Mikhael,who played with balls,a hula-hoop,and other objects at various places in the gallery all during the reception. His movements became part of of the paintings —fulfilling my dream to have shapes move. In the photo,he is in front of “Andrejs’Bicycle Wheel,”which is also turning while he is moving!

There is a great variety of work in this show,small,affordable paintings,bigger paintings and collages,and a couple kinetic works. I got a lot of help and support from the members of the gallery,in the beautiful way the work was hung for display and in preparing the wonderful reception. It has been a great experience. See pictures of all the work in this show at “Showing in April”.

For all of you,who were not able to come on Friday. please visit the gallery another time. The show will be up through April and I would be happy to meet you any time at the gallery and share my excitement with you.

The video below shows the entire gallery with my show displayed. Enjoy!

SOAG show April 2011,video by Stan Bowman from Stan Bowman on Vimeo.

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