2010 Paintings

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  • Alison

    I am an art teacher and Elizabeth’s work is inspiring to me and my students.
    We love the energy in her work with color.

  • Cheryl

    Love her work and the bright colors which I use all over my house.
    I too am an artist and was trying to gather some ideas for an art project for my grandson next week. I will be anxious to see the colors he chooses and what he does. I bought him a canvas the other day when shopping and will gather a bunch of supplies for him to choose from. Like I said earlier in this post I am excited to see what he does. I already have two of his pieces of work hanging in our home that he did in school that we received as gifts.
    My grandson is almost nine and his favorite class in school is art. He has a great art teacher which makes me very happy. Nothing like seeing what those creative little minds can come up with.

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