July 2012

Ringing the Bell

This is a month when my students —the children —are on vacation and I have a lot of time to paint. I have been working on five pieces and three are finished. “Ringing the Bell ”is one of them. I was very interested in combining a good composition with some playfulness. You can see it at the State of the Art Gallery,where Sheryl Sinkow has a solo show this month. In the back room,the Salon,the rest of the members are showing one piece each. The opening reception is on Friday,July 6,from 5:00 until 8:00 pm,as part of Ithaca’s First Friday Gallery Night. See more

June 2012

Flowers for the Lady

“The Palace”is a three dimensional collage,20″x 60″  that can be seen in this month’s show at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca. The piece has a very good placement in the gallery space —I am always amazed how much better the pieces look hanging in the gallery than at home,where I have so many different pictures all over. Stan Bowman ,a member of the gallery —he does the beautiful prints for us —bought a big new printer and gave me all the packing material. Inside the big box were all these wonderful small shapes,as though especially designed for some art project,which inspired me to build the “palace.” The piece can hang on a wall or it could be displayed on a table,in which case it would be more like a city. “The Palace”(including also a detail view)  is one of the new works shown in “Winter-Spring —2012”on this website. See more

May 2012

Flowers for the Lady“FLOWERS FOR THE LADY”

While I was working on this piece,I saw someone carrying a huge bouqet of flowers that he had just bought. It reminded me of Germany,where one always brings flowers to the lady of the house.

It gave me the idea of putting the yellow triangles on the three-dimensional stripes. I wanted to create something in abundance.

There will be a member show at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca See more

April 2012


Bower birds are amazing artists.

They live in New Guinea and Australia. They have a complex courtship mating behavior. Males build a bower to attract mates. The male collects brightly colored objects like leaves,flowers,stones,berries,and even discarded plastic items.

Ever since I saw a DVD by David Attenborough,I have been very attracted to their art —I also collect things and I have boxes and boxes full of “stuff”.

For this picture I just emptied out a box and tried to make order in the chaos See more

On Exhibit

The first time we had dinner at Fine Line,Jay Hart had a show there. I liked how the pictures were displayed and I asked Danny Doyle,the general manager,if he would be interested in having a show of my paintings. See more

March 2012

Excavation (right) is on display at the First Unitarian Society,as part of the seventh annual group show held there called The Art of Friends. The show runs March 1 through April 12 in the Parlor (lower level) of the church at 306 North Aurora Street in Ithaca.

Excavation is a collage on a white background,with waves of rainbow colors floating through the picture interrupted by circles. I like to visit See more

February 2012

The guitaristBack to Brilliant Colors

Recently I found myself creating pieces out of cardboard without applying any paint to them whatever. (I showed one of them in my last newsletter) After doing five pieces in nothing but white,brown,and black,I was getting “hungry”for colors again.

A while ago I had bought some pieces of plywood size 20″x 60″to create some tall and narrow works for people who don’t have much space in their living quarters. It is a very challenging format,but when I found two cardboard pieces that,together,came to exactly 60″high,my inspiration was off and running.

I love to start with one color —in this case with red —and mix it with other colors until it becomes dark. Then I like to put a complementary color against it,like bright green or blue. I had some string in rainbow colors that looked just right to make strings for the guitar. See more

January 2012

Happy New Year

“The Secret of the Blue Circle”(left) will be on display in the salon at the State of the Art Gallery through the month of January.

The picture is one of four three-dimensional objects I did from some cardboard that was folded already five times. I was fascinated by the effect that the cut-out shapes created and by the interesting shadows they form. First I wanted to paint them,but then I was stuck by how beautiful the collage is with almost no color. See more

December 2011

Happy Holidays

I think of “The Birthday Party”as a very cheerful painting,  good for these dark days! I painted it two years ago and made some changes a few weeks ago.

My newest paintings are not yet photographed;  two of them are just in black and white. I’ll have them ready to be seen soon. See more

Summer-Fall Work

Dancing with the MoonNew work from the past several months are now on the website —Summer-Fall 2011.

Many of them,you have already seen in my newsletters,but some have not been here before. Please visit that page and feel free to leave comments!

November 2011

The Computer Expert

There is a story behind this picture.

I’d for years put a card board figure on top of a piece of ply-wood with the idea to do a small piece for the gallery,without really knowing how to continue. When someone brought me some pieces of a computer,I got very excited about the beauty of all these little shapes. Without knowing what their purpuse is,I just admired them. Now my “Man”on the wooden board got something to do and became a computer expert. When I was done,I put the piece on the floor on a white paper. I realized how special the white looked beside all these technical shapes and against my plan it became a bigger piece.

“The Computer Expert”will be on display in the Salon of the State of the Art Gallery,  See more

October 2011

Art Trail Month

The Greater Ithaca ART TRAIL is coming up this month! This is an annual event for which 50 artists in our area open up their studios to visitors on two weekends. It’s a great time to see the great variety of art coming out of this region. In addition,the State of the Art Gallery will be showing works by the participants in the Art Trail,so you can get a preview of their work there.

The “Open Studio Weekends ”are on October 8-9,11:00 am-5:00 pm,and on October 15-16 ,11:00 am-5:00 pm. See more

September 2011

Flowers outside my kitchen

What a wonderful summer we had!

I have enjoyed painting every day,trying out new things,and allowing myself to do whatever came into my mind.

A lot of the time,I paint in my kitchen,where I have a wonderful view and where I am able to see our flowerbed. It looks almost like a painting of mine with all the colors,red,pink,yellow purple —and all in such splendid abundance.

I’ve done a collage,“The Bouquet,”that was inspired by that view from the kitchen. It is hanging this month with another of my paintings in a group show at the State of the Art Gallery. See more

August 2011

"The Playground,"3-dimensional

Some days ago I found some corrugated packing material in the garage. I was thrilled by its texture,and I started to cut pieces out,laying them over each other in various ways to make a design.

My plan was to create a picture using just the brown colors of the packaging. But,as so often happens, it turned out differently.

Normally when someone gives me some shapes of styrofoam,cardboard,or other material I paint them immediately. Then,they sit on my table,waiting,until I find a way to combine them with something else. When I added all these colorful shapes to my picture in brown,the scenery changed and I had to paint the corrugated paper too. The doll now has a playroom. See more

July 2011

"Mr. Smith Is Playing Ball,"acrylic on cardboard,28"x39"

Some days ago an artist visited my studio and said,“Elisabeth you are a sculptor!”It stuck with me,especially as I had done some sculptures several years ago. I started immediately to play with things I had already collected.

I love to work with all kinds of packing material,especially what is used for shipping computers or musical instruments. They often have the most amazing shapes;they are just waiting to be painted by me. I build towers out of them or use them for three-dimensional paintings,creating playful scenes. I find it very interesting to put them in a totally different context.

So,please before throwing things away,think of me and let me know how I can get them. I can probably use them in my work. Thanks! See more

June 2011

What a wonderful time of year!

Ithaca and the landscape around it are beautiful in the moment of spring bursting out. When I paint in the morning I have a great view and my paintings are influenced by all the greens,the purples of the lilacs,and the red and pink of the flowers. I did one painting just in green with only some purple in between and two other paintings in reds and yellow. See more

Solo Show —April 2011

The opening reception of my solo show at the State of the Art Gallery was very successful —277 visitors came and everybody admired the colors and the variety of media,size,and composition of the work. Both children and the adults seemed to really enjoy playing with the balls of “Gravity and Levity”(see the video,below) and they had fun turning the wheel of “Andrejs’Bicycle Wheel”(which is sold!). See more

Color Cascade

Color Cascade —this is the title of the solo show I will have in April at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca.

I started painting in preparation for this show in July of last year. I always paint in the morning;this is my “good”time,the time of day I get ideas. I have really loved getting ready for the show and experimenting with different media.

So far,I have 21 pictures or objects,32″x 40 “,and many smaller pictures painted on paper. There is still time to do more. See more