October 2012

Apple Tree

The Apple Tree

When we moved into our house many years ago there was a little apple tree in front of our house like all the other houses on our hill. Unfortunately,during the following year they all died. We were the only people who didn’t cut down their tree.

Ten years later that little tree bloomed and,by fall,it bore some tiny apples.

My painting relates to this story and to the certainty that life continues.

You can see this picture through the month of October at the State of the Art Gallery in a special show featuring work by artists participating in this year’s Greater Ithaca Art Trail.

The Art Trail will be held on the weekends of October 6-7 and October 13-14 between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. You’ll be able to visit 46 artists in their studios.  I am looking forward to your visit. I can show you lots of paintings,prints,collages and some sculpture.

For more information please go to ArtTrail.com. There is a map that helps you find the studios.


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