November 2012

Apple Tree

Alice in Wonderland

When I was a little child I loved playing with dolls. I invented all kinds of stories and adventures and created my own wonderland.

As an adult,I believe we still can do this. With my love of bright colors I still try to create something cheerful and wonderful for the viewers and invite them to create their own magic world.

I started this picture with the red frame. It inspired me to continue with red as a background and to continue with playful arrangements for the doll.

“Alice in Wonderland”will be shown as part of this month’s group show at the State of the Art Gallery together with the Joker (see the newsletter from August). They are both squares and they should complement one another.

There will be an opening reception for this show at 5:30 pm on Friday,November 2. Please join us. The show will continue through November. Next month,December,the gallery will hold its regional juried show;look for information on the website of the State of the Art Gallery.

The two weekends of the Art Trail went very well. I enjoyed talking to all the visitors and they were very interested to see my work. I even sold two pieces!

Have a great month!


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