December 2012

The Black Square

The Black Square

Some days ago I found a postcard I had bought long ago showing a tapestry from Le Corbusier from 1954. I always liked the colors —red and yellow are my favored colors. But this time I was very attracted by the black square,surrounded by the bright colors. I wanted to do something similar as a background for a collage. But when I had finished,I realized how strong the picture was with the big red shape and the black square. I have always used a lot of shapes and colors to get the image I want to create,so the simplicity of this is new for me. The next step was to put a white square on a white background, something that was done by famous artists before,but it was new for me. I like the abundance of colors and shapes, but I also like an organized composition.

This month the members of the State of the Art Gallery aren’t showing their own work. Instead,during December the gallery is devoted to a regional invitational show entitled,“Small Works.”The opening reception is on Friday,December 7, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Come and see some great work by the many artists from around our region.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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  • Margret Zehnder-Schmitt

    Here in German I have heard the saying:
    “Black gives light to other colours”.
    This is definetely true for your piece of art.
    The colour black has a stunning effect on
    this particular picture.
    Written by a visitor from Germany who met Elizabeth
    about a year ago and is stimulated by her colourful