May 2014

flowers-largeThis month the State of the Art Gallery is having a special show in collaboration with the Museum of the Earth that reflects the climate change. I have two pictures on display there. One is called Abundance and the other one The Apple Tree. Both pictures have a nice story.

Abundance:When I came to the United States,I had a flower bed for the first time in my life. I had no experience with gardening and I planted as many flowers in it as I could. So,every summer it looks like a jungle,an abundance of beauty.

The Apple Tree:On our hill,in front of every house,there used to be little apple trees. Unfortunately,they all died. We were the only people who didn’t cut down their dead little tree. But,after ten years that tree suddenly started to bloom in May and in the fall produced so many apples that we had to support the branches!

State of the Art Gallery

“The Apple Tree”and “Abundance”in the State of the Art Gallery this month

With these pictures I want to show how beautiful nature can be. We are the gardeners of this universe and we are responsible that the next generations are still able to enjoy it.   Both pictures are three-dimensional collages,size 32” x 40”

The show is open from April 30 until June 1. I hope you can stop in and see all the exciting work.

Have a good month,

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