May 2013

Allegro Moderato

Allegro Moderato

Allegro Moderato

This month the State of the Art Gallery holds the first of its two annual Members’ Shows in which each of us can have two bigger pieces on display.

One of mine will be “Simplicity,”which I talked about in my newsletter in March. My other piece in this show will be “Allegro Moderato,”which means moderately fast. Listening to music is part of my art. Hopefully some of the rhythm and beauty of the music will show in my paintings. “Allegro Moderato” is in greys,blues and some ochre. There is no red at all in it,which is very unusual for me. By contrast,the colors in “Simplicity,”which was done at the same time,are mostly in warm reds. They are collages that,I think,compliment each other;both are about shapes and the value of colors.

If you can make it,I hope you will come to see my work as well as the great diversity of other members’ work —paintings,watercolors,prints,photographs,drawings,mixed media pieces,sculpture,ceramics,collage,and other three-dimensional work.

The opening reception for the Members’Show is on Friday,May 3,5:00-8:00 PM,and the show runs until June 2.

Have a very good month!

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