March 2015

It has been a difficult winter,in climate and health. However,the days are getting longer,the sun is shining more,and I am looking forward to the unfolding of spring.

Ring Aound the RosyThe exciting news from me is that I will be having my solo show next month,April. Each member of the State of the Art Gallery is entitled to show for one month every four years and in April it will be my turn again. I have been a member of the gallery for many years,so I have had many opportunities to show my work. It is a wonderful feeling to prepare for a show,knowing that each piece will be hung in an ideal place in the gallery.

At the beginning of the year I became interested in the value of light and dark of each color. As I gradually started to use bigger shapes,I began to combine shapes,which made the composition stronger. Eventually,I discovered how strong a picture becomes when the shapes are repeated over and over. It becomes like a song of the Middle Ages, where the same melody was repeated seemingly without end. You have to concentrate when listening to this kind of music. I hope you will enjoy this experience when viewing my work!

The theme of my show “Series and Progressions”came up during working on several pieces. It was not planed and it was fun when the idea came to me and everything suddenly fit together! Ellie Hobbie,my friend,helped me to write the labels for the show and we realized that I have at least 40 pieces to show —and I have started ten more! I almost can’t sleep because I am so excited about it.

To add to the excitement,one of the television news teams from Syracuse is planning to come to the opening reception. It will be a wonderful festivity! Please come to the opening reception at the State of the Art Gallery on April 3,5:00-8:00 pm,and enjoy the variety of my work!

Meanwhile,have a good month!
Please come to the gallery and visit the show during April.

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