March 2013

"Simplicity,"collage on black cardboard,32"x40"

“Simplicity,”collage on black cardboard,32″x40″


For my whole life as an artist,color has been the most important subject for me. I always wanted to create an abundance of my favored colors. With “Simplicity”I tried the opposite. I started with a black background on which the simple shapes and the bright colors stand out to lmake a very strong impression! My cousin Dorothee in  Germany sent me a bunch of beautifully printed papers,and I began the image with one of these. With its very fine pattern,it looks almost like an art nuveau picture. Leaving some black in between,I surrounded it with blocks of the basic colors —bright green,blue,purple, bright red,and orange. This isn’t new in the history of art,but it was something new for me and might guide me into a different way of working. Simplicity is a 32×40″collage on black cardboard.

You will have to wait some time to see this picture —this month at the State of the Art Gallery we are holding the annual photo show that attracts submissions from all over our region;the whole gallery is taken over by photographs and no members’ works are shown at all. The reception for the photo show is on Friday,March 1,5:00-8:00 pm.

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