June 2015

flowercirclesMy show,‚ÄúSeries and Progressions,”is over now. All the paintings are back in their storage place for several weeks already,but I’m still thinking about the show and seeing it in my imagination.
It is a strange feeling to think that that time is past,it was such a wonderful event,beginning with the preparations for it. I got a lot of help from my fellow gallery-members. Eva Capobianco took care of the transportation of the more-than-40 pieces that I wanted to show. Then,together with Patty Porter,she hung all the pictures in the gallery and did a wonderful job of it! Each wall was a piece of art by itself,and the show was a wonderful celebration of colors. I think everyone who visited the gallery left happy and cheerful.
It was also very interesting for me to see all the paintings hanging on the wall and to find out if I achieved my goal —to integrate color into every composition. I think it worked,people responded to the positive emotions.

One of the galleries in Ithaca has offered me the opportunity to have another show. It is great to have another goal to aim for. I like to create new paintings,but now I have to set aside the time so that my imagination and ideas are flowing again.

This month,the gallery is featuring the work of Daniel McPheeters in a solo show called,“Dreamscapes:Landscapes and Skyskapes Reimagined.”It will be on display June 3-28 at the State of the Art Gallery.


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