June 2013

Balls and CirclesBalls and Circles

There will be two paintings of mine on display in the Salon at the State of the Art Gallery this month. I call them “Balls and Circles,”two paintings that belong with each other.

I was inspired to create the first by the shape of the orange frames that I found discarded at the Cornell campus store. I had painted them a while ago and found it intriguing to have several pieces with one shape. Repeating the same pattern in the same direction makes a strong composition —and it gave me the idea for the second painting with circles. I put the twelve circles in different reds on a white background and the simplicity of the composition created an interesting image,I thought. (You can see them both on the “Winter 2013”page.)

For the principal exhibition at the State of the Art gallery this month,Scout Dunbar and Rachel Gorman have a show together. The show runs June 5-30,with an opening reception June 5 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Please join us.

Have a very good month!


1 comment to June 2013

  • Peter Specker

    Those 2 new ones of yours are wonderful!
    I stood looking at them for several minutes.
    I took my glasses off and could feel the brightness,
    a feeling you can’t describe,but you know it’s real art!
    Its the same feeling I’ve gotten looking at Rembrandt’s
    and other great paintings.
    Thank you!