July 2014

come_outDuring the past four weeks I have had three eye surgeries. After the last one I was not able to see anything with the right eye. I thought this is the end of painting for me. But just the opposite happened;I started to see a little bit more every day;it was like getting my life back as an artist.

I am actually very creative and productive again. Every day I do a new small painting. It is new for me to do something small. The advantage is that I can work fast and that I can move on quickly to the next idea.

There are three tables in my studio. One I use for the picture I am working on,the second for my materials,and the third one to play with the shapes I am collecting. This is where I develop my ideas. Sometimes my cats sit in the middle of it —they want to help me.

“WHO WANTS TO PLAY WITH ME”and “COOKIES”are  three-dimensional pieces,10″X 12″.  They will be on display at the State of the Art Gallery this month in the back room. The major show in the State of the Art Gallery,running from July 2 to 27, is work by Jane Dennis and Terry Plater. There will be an opening reception on Friday,July 4,5:00-8:00 pm. Please join us.

Have a great month!

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