July 2013

Circles and BallsI hope you had an opportunity to see my “Circles and Balls,”the two pieces that were shown in the Salon of the State of the Art Gallery this past month (that is a picture of them on the right,hanging in the gallery). The pictures got a great location in the exhibit and received a lot of admiration. (You’ll find them in “Winter 2013.”)

FortissimoIn the moment I am working on a new series of paintings where I repeat shapes and where I often concentrate on just two or three colors. For July,I’m showing “Fortissimo,”(at left —click on it to see a bigger image) a part of this series of paintings. It has one shape repeated six times,with only the colors varying.

During the month of July,the main exhibition at the State of the Art Gallery is a solo show by James Spitznagel. The opening reception for this show is 5:00-8:00 pm on Friday,July 5,as part of Ithaca‚Äôs Gallery Night. Please join us —see my painting in the Salon and enjoy the art at the State of the Art and the other galleries in Ithaca.

Have a good month!


1 comment to July 2013

  • Peter Specker

    I went to the gallery today and saw Fortissomo.
    Wow- well named! It seems to exist in space much larger than the canvas.
    It creates a space around it and it’s shining center at the space.