January 2014

The Open Door

The Open Door

The Open Door

It snowed. We had to wait until the end of December,but the landscape is finally like a big white canvas,waiting to be painted. It looks beautiful!

I still don’t have photos of my paintings from the last four months. Therefore,for this month’s newsletter I am using the collage “The Open Door,”which I did during the summer. A new year is in front of us and it is good to open all the doors and windows for the new things.

If we are able to be creative about our future and not afraid to do the things we never did before, it will be exciting. We just have to trust ourselves that we can do that.

The State of the Art Gallery is starting something new – because we have so many members with lots of art to show,we are going to feature half the members in January and the rest in February,so that each of us gets enough space. This month’s show is called the “25th Anniversary Celebration Part One” Please come to the opening reception,5:00-8:00 pm,Friday,January 3,2014,or visit the gallery during the month. My work will be in “Part Two,” next month.

Also new:the State of the Art Gallery has produced a new “coffee table” book with art from all the members of the gallery. It turned out beautifully. Be sure to have a look at it when you visit the gallery.

I wish you an excellent 2014. Be healthy,happy,and successful!


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