January 2013

Mountain Village

Mountain Village

The first time I went to Greece there were not many tourists yet. It was like described in the Odyssey:a guest was still treated like royalty and people were just wonderful,even though they couldn’t understand that two girls —I was 17 and my friend was 19 —travelled alone.

This painting describes a visit we made to one of the villages on a mountain. It is late in the afternoon,some light is still falling through the streets,but it is getting dark. After the silence of the afternoon,when everyone sleeps,the village is alive again. People are on the street,the stores are open,and the children are playing outside.

This picture was painted  before the “Black Square”I described in my last newsletter;in this painting I allowed myself to use all the colors I liked without any restrictions.

“Mountain Village”will be hanging at the State of the Art Gallery through the month of January. The main show at the gallery will be “Color Stories” with sculpture by Mary Ann Bowman and paintings by Ileen Kaplan . Please join us for the opening reception on Friday,January 4,5:00-8:00 pm. The show will run from January 3 to 27,2013.

I  wish you a happy, healthy, and successful New Year!
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