These are some of the comments I have had from people who have seen or purchased my work. Please feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the page!

  • We love these pieces—the energetic colors and interesting patterns add vibrancy to our home.  Each piece,with it’s own theme of shape,is connected to the others through common colors and makes a lovely grouping. Thank you!!
    —V &M in Ithaca
  • Every day when I come downstairs,I am greeted and cheered up by the vibrant colors. They sing in the house.
    JW,who bought two paintings
  • My wife and I both love the painting –it livens up our living room and I find it fascinating how it catches the light differently at different times of the day! Thanks so much.
    —RG and BL,who bought a big project with lights and music
  • We recently made a visit to the studio of Elisabeth,where we acquired a beautiful painting for our living room. Elisabeth explained to us that the painting is an abstract composition of a colorful festival,in a village on a creek island. We are delighted by this. We had such a good time looking through her varied work to select just the right piece that made us both so happy and it looks beautiful over the piano. We enjoy collecting the work of local artists and this painting by Elisabeth is such a lovely addition to our growing collection.
    —G&V M
  • We have 10 paintings of Elisabeth’s. It is a pleasure to look at them and to discover new things every day.To have her work hanging on the wall feels like opening a window into the light.
    —a professor in Austria:
  • I only have to look at my paintings and life is beautiful again.
    —Elisabeth D.,who has six paintings:
  • We have four paintings of Elisabeth’s. They became part of our life and we enjoy them every day.
    —Klaus and Inge G.,Munich:
  • “I have long admired Elisabeth’s paintings for their bright colors ,fluid movement and playful inventiveness. I am delighted to have three of her works. [Her] contemporary ,abstract-expressionist variations are vibrant and utopian —intricate,inspired and inspiring. Elisabeth creates canvases that celebrate the joy of being alive,alert to present and future possibilities.
    —professor of writing and rhetoric,Ithaca:

9 comments to Feedback

  • R. White

    I really enjoy “The Pearls of Mr. L”and “Fortissimo.”I saw them on the State of the Art Gallery website and loved them. There’s something very cinematic about them that I can’t find the words to describe fully. Anyway,best of luck with your show!

  • Miles McGrath

    To look at your work is a step inside the transition from orange to red and light blue in a captivating arangment like a well tuned Jazz of shape and flow. The emotion pulls and pushes drawing the viewer into the play.

  • Peter Specker

    Elisabeth Gross-Marks’paintings and artworks have the effect of raising my awareness and producing a non-physical but visual feeling of joy! PS

  • Richard

    Dear Elisabeth,
    I love your artwork as it is lively and it adds an aesthetic touch to the environment. It reminds me constantly of the fact that it is beauty and joy and love which make our life worth living,not the headlines in the media. Keep on producing!

  • Monika Bernath

    Dear Elisabeth,
    thank you very much. I see the power of simplicity. Its a great new creation. You are the star of colors. Have a great time !
    From your friend Monika,Switzerland

  • Monika Bernath

    Happy New Year Elisabeth,I can see Greace in your new picture. The new year will be very colorfull. You gave the start ! Best wishes Monika

  • Monika from Switzerland

    Hello dear Elisabeth,
    how lovely your new creation. This is aesthetics pure !! All the best from Switzerland. Your friend monika

  • Your color-world is like an energypool ! It makes me smiling to the world around me. thank you very much!!

  • Elisabeth,
    I received this website from a coworker at WSKG. Your work is stunning. I see touches of Miro,Close,Kandinsky,and Warhol just to name a few. I got wonderfully lost in the Archive section. Thank you for displaying all this work online for us to see!