February 2014

The FlagA while ago I watched the movie,“Dreamer. It’s a movieĀ about a race horseĀ that was injured and was supposed to be put down. But a young girl saved it and secretly trained it to participate in a famous race. Even though nobody believed that it could happen,they won the race. At the end of the movie there are several girls riding onto the race track,swinging flags. There was so much energy and joy from having won against all the barriers. It was a beautiful scene,and it inspired me to do a picture named “The Flags.”

“The Red Path”is like “The Flags,”a collage . The contrast of red and green is the theme of the picture.

Both of these collages will be shown at the State of the Art Gallery in February as part of the 25th Anniversary Members’Show:Part 2. In addition,gallery member Syau Cheng Lai has her own show in the back room.

Please join us for the opening reception Friday,February 7,from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. If you can’t make it to the opening,please do visit the gallery during February to see this show.

Have a great month!


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