February 2013


Some days ago,I skyped with an artist friend in Germany. He told me about an artist he had just met and liked a lot,and he gave me a link to her website. As soon as I looked at the site I realized that this was Beate Oehmann,the friend with whom I went to Greece all those years ago – the friend I was talking about in my last (January) newsletter! After looking at her website,flag220I love her work,especially the “flags”she is using as installations in woods and villages of Germany – large expanses of fabric blowing in the wind with very bright colors and big geometric shapes. My friend phoned her immediately and,since we were still on Skype,I was able to hear Beate’s voice for the first time after so many years. These are the wonders of the internet!

Santorini is a tiny mountaintop village on one of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. To get there one has to ride on a donkey. The houses and the small streets are white and look like a white canvas with the plants on the windows like pink and red jewelry. The houses are built into the mountain in case there is another earthquake. The rooms are like cells with just a simple bed and a white curtain as a door. But in the morning when we stepped out of the room there was this incredible view over the vast blue sea under a wonderful big sky. I used these memories for this picture. It was the best trip I ever took! I will show this picture in the annual “Art of Friends” exhibit at the Unitarian Church in a couple months.

At the State of the Art Gallery this month,I am showing “Calculated,”a three-dimensional piece that is high but only 24″wide. The principal exhibit this month is work by gallery member Ethel Vrana. Join us at the opening reception 5:00-8:00 pm,Friday,February 1,2013. The show will continue until February 24.

Have a good month!

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  • Peter Specker

    Wow and my God! That is a fabulous picture! You are moving into new incredible combinations that really communicates high aesthetics.