Elisabeth Gross-Marks 1940-2017

On August 4,2017,Elisabeth left this world.

I had the privilege of keeping up this website for Elisabeth during the past decade or so. She wanted her friends and fans to be able to see her work,to keep up with the creativity that was a condition of her existence,but she needed someone who could manage what,to her,seemed like the incomprehensible complications of the Web. For me,it was a privilege and pleasure to post the new works that she produced until only a few months from the end.

Elisabeth Gross-Marks

Although she was a stranger to the “social media” that form so much of contemporary communication,she wanted to offer something new for her friends to look at every month. And,up to the last months,it was a new work that she had managed to create in spite of the physical difficulties that brought her finally to a halt. She was not happy with her condition,with the tremors and weakness that kept her from fully expressing herself. At the same time,she did not surrender the basic belief that an artist’s role is to bring joy into the world. The “brilliant colors”in the title that she chose for her website are integral to the mission of joy,happiness,peace,optimism that she felt was the purpose of an artist’s work. I like the review given at the retrospective show Elisabeth had at Shangri-La in Ithaca a few years ago:

A passion for color,trapped in prismatic shapes,but yearning to break free best describes the artistic pursuits of Elisabeth Gross-Marks. Her painting career,as represented in this retrospective exhibit,spans four decades and two continents,but the artist began painting in her native Germany when eleven years old. She studied art with Professor Nagel in Munich and Professor Kaus in Berlin. This exhibit chronicles an ongoing style that continues to develop. On the surface the Gross-Marks styles involve radical shifts and departures,but when considered as a whole,not only is there continuity,the works reveal an unfolding narrative of self awareness,outlining her discovery,experimentation,immersion,and most recently an explosion of color. 

Color,joy,life are the things I will remember from Elisabeth’s productive life. 

Andrejs Ozolins
[the photo and the video were done for the occasion of her last solo show at the State of the Art Gallery.]

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