December 2013


When I was five years old,we moved to our grandparents’home,an apartment with big rooms. Every year,at the beginning of December,one room was closed. I was not allowed to go in and nobody told me why. I was very curious and,when the big doors were finally opened on Christmas Eve,I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a big surprise,it was like entering the paradise.

There was a big Christmas Tree with real candles burning on it,and the rest of the room was filled with doll houses that my mother,and before that,my grandmother had played with.

There was a house for little bears,a big doll house with many rooms and dolls in it,a separate house with a  beautiful kitchen which had a kerosene stove (which we used),and another house where the dolls were able to buy food. My grandfather was very inventive when he  played with me. It was great! It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my childhood. These are my thoughts as the Christmas season approaches again.

In case you need cards to send good wishes for the new year to your friends,please let me know. I had some very nice cards made from some of my pictures. Please let me know if I can mail some to you.  The cards are folded,with a picture on the front and blank space inside to write. One card is $ 4.00.


I wish you happy holidays and a good month of December


At the State of the Art Gallery,we are having our second annual “Small Works Show,”where you can find lots of affordable art for gifts. The slogan is “Small gems make great gifts!”The opening reception is on Friday,December 6,5:00-8:00 pm,with an awards ceremony at 6:30 to recognize the best items in the show. Please join us if you can,but be sure to visit the gallery during December.


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