December 2013

When I was five years old,we moved to our grandparents’home,an apartment with big rooms. Every year,at the beginning of December,one room was closed. I was not allowed to go in and nobody told me why. I was very curious and,when the big doors were finally opened on Christmas Eve,I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a big surprise,it was like entering the paradise.

There was a big Christmas Tree with real candles burning on it,and the rest of the room was filled with doll houses . . . →Read More:December 2013

November 2013

The two October weekends of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail were very successful. My art was displayed in every room and corner of the house. I had excellent conversations with many visitors and many were interested in the three-dimensional pieces and the variety of work and style. They loved the colors and found my art very cheerful. Many visitors mentioned that they never have seen art like this and that they feel great looking at it.

The final Sunday was especially busy. A couple stopped by who knew my art for years from the State of . . . →Read More:November 2013

October 2013

Mostly Black,collage

Mostly Black

The dream of my life was to be able to paint every day. Now I have the time. Every morning I start around 8.30,painting for three or four hours,and going back to the picture in late afternoon or sometimes later in the evening. I don’t have to go anywhere —the beautiful landscape is in front of our house;I have a wonderful view over the valley from my studio with a lot of space;my flowers on the porch are still blooming and the leaves are . . . →Read More:October 2013

September 2013

Up and Down

“Up and Down,”collage,24″x 32″

One of the special lenses that my husband has for his camera is called the “Dragonfly”—when you look through it,each shape repeats itself again and again like in a kaleidoscope. I looked at some of my pictures with it and it had an incredible effect. It gave me ideas for hundreds of pictures! I picked up one of them and repeated a rectangle 39 times,changing only the colors. Half of the picture goes from light to dark,the other half . . . →Read More:September 2013

July 2013

I hope you had an opportunity to see my “Circles and Balls,”the two pieces that were shown in the Salon of the State of the Art Gallery this past month (that is a picture of them on the right,hanging in the gallery). The pictures got a great location in the exhibit and received a lot of admiration. (You’ll find them in “Winter 2013.”)

In the moment I am working on a new series of paintings where I repeat shapes and where I often concentrate on just two or three colors. For July,I’m showing . . . →Read More:July 2013

June 2013

Balls and Circles

There will be two paintings of mine on display in the Salon at the State of the Art Gallery this month. I call them “Balls and Circles,”two paintings that belong with each other.

I was inspired to create the first by the shape of the orange frames that I found discarded at the Cornell campus store. I had painted them a while ago and found it intriguing to have several pieces with one shape. Repeating the same pattern in the same direction makes a strong composition —and it gave me the . . . →Read More:June 2013

May 2013

Allegro Moderato

Allegro Moderato

This month the State of the Art Gallery holds the first of its two annual Members’ Shows in which each of us can have two bigger pieces on display.

One of mine will be “Simplicity,”which I talked about in my newsletter in March. My other piece in this show will be “Allegro Moderato,”which means moderately fast. Listening to music is part of my art. Hopefully some of the rhythm and beauty of the music will show in my paintings. “Allegro Moderato” is in greys,blues and some ochre. . . . →Read More:May 2013

April 2013

The Necklace

I have always been inspired in my art by the basic shapes —the triangle,rectangle,square,and the circle. The circle is the strongest shape,especially when it is repeated several times.

“The Necklace”at the gallery this month

The circles of the necklace are mostly red,only some have some blue or green on it. To be able to reduce the amount of color is very new for me. Between the circles are some sponges my husband found for me.

. . . →Read More:April 2013

March 2013

“Simplicity,”collage on black cardboard,32″x40″


For my whole life as an artist,color has been the most important subject for me. I always wanted to create an abundance of my favored colors. With “Simplicity”I tried the opposite. I started with a black background on which the simple shapes and the bright colors stand out to lmake a very strong impression! My cousin Dorothee in Germany sent me a bunch of beautifully printed papers,and I began the image with one of these. With its very fine pattern,it looks almost like . . . →Read More:March 2013

February 2013


Some days ago,I skyped with an artist friend in Germany. He told me about an artist he had just met and liked a lot,and he gave me a link to her website. As soon as I looked at the site I realized that this was Beate Oehmann,the friend with whom I went to Greece all those years ago – the friend I was talking about in my last (January) newsletter! After looking at her website,I love her work,especially the “flags”she is using as installations in woods and villages of . . . →Read More:February 2013

January 2013

Mountain Village

The first time I went to Greece there were not many tourists yet. It was like described in the Odyssey:a guest was still treated like royalty and people were just wonderful,even though they couldn’t understand that two girls —I was 17 and my friend was 19 —travelled alone.

This painting describes a visit we made to one of the villages on a mountain. It is late in the afternoon,some light is still falling through the streets,but it is getting dark. After the silence of the afternoon,when . . . →Read More:January 2013

December 2012

The Black Square

Some days ago I found a postcard I had bought long ago showing a tapestry from Le Corbusier from 1954. I always liked the colors —red and yellow are my favored colors. But this time I was very attracted by the black square,surrounded by the bright colors. I wanted to do something similar as a background for a collage. But when I had finished,I realized how strong the picture was with the big red shape and the black square. I have always used a lot of shapes and colors . . . →Read More:December 2012

Two at the Gallery

Here is what my two pieces look like hanging at the State of the Art Gallery in this month’s show. I think they look good together —“Joker”on the left and “Alice in Wonderland”on the right. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

November 2012

Alice in Wonderland

When I was a little child I loved playing with dolls. I invented all kinds of stories and adventures and created my own wonderland.

As an adult,I believe we still can do this. With my love of bright colors I still try to create something cheerful and wonderful for the viewers and invite them to create their own magic world.

I started this picture with the red frame. It inspired me to continue with red as a background and to continue with playful arrangements for the doll.

“Alice in Wonderland”will . . . →Read More:November 2012

October 2012

The Apple Tree

When we moved into our house many years ago there was a little apple tree in front of our house like all the other houses on our hill. Unfortunately,during the following year they all died. We were the only people who didn’t cut down their tree.

Ten years later that little tree bloomed and,by fall,it bore some tiny apples.

My painting relates to this story and to the certainty that life continues.

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More News

There Is MoreAcrylic on paper

I wrote in my last “newsletter”that The Joker would be on display at the State of the Art Gallery next month. I had forgotten that there will not be a group show in September —so,I hope you will come to the gallery to see it during the October show!

In the meantime,please have a look at some new images of my work on the website —several collages as well as five paintings on paper:“Summer 2012“

. . . →Read More:More News

August 2012

JOKER,three-dimensional collage

When I was a child,our family celebrated the Sunday together. Every week there were special meals,walks in the open air,and in the afternoon we had cake and coffee. After all these activities we always gathered to play games. One card game was “Rommee,” related to America’s “rummy.” We played the game in two versions —one was serious and with a lot of rules;the other was pure fun where cheating without being discovered was the goal. We mostly played the fun version and we laughed a lot. My favorite . . . →Read More:August 2012

July 2012

Ringing the Bell

This is a month when my students —the children —are on vacation and I have a lot of time to paint. I have been working on five pieces and three are finished. “Ringing the Bell ”is one of them. I was very interested in combining a good composition with some playfulness. You can see it at the State of the Art Gallery,where Sheryl Sinkow has a solo show this month. In the back room,the Salon,the rest of the members are showing one piece each. The . . . →Read More:July 2012