March 2016

Some of my most recent work (as of January) is on the newest page of the website —called “New 2015“

May 2012


While I was working on this piece,I saw someone carrying a huge bouqet of flowers that he had just bought. It reminded me of Germany,where one always brings flowers to the lady of the house.

It gave me the idea of putting the yellow triangles on the three-dimensional stripes. I wanted to create something in abundance.

There will be a member show at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca

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December 2011

Happy Holidays

I think of “The Birthday Party”as a very cheerful painting,good for these dark days! I painted it two years ago and made some changes a few weeks ago.

My newest paintings are not yet photographed;two of them are just in black and white. I’ll have them ready to be seen soon.

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Solo Show —April 2011

The opening reception of my solo show at the State of the Art Gallery was very successful —277 visitors came and everybody admired the colors and the variety of media,size,and composition of the work. Both children and the adults seemed to really enjoy playing with the balls of “Gravity and Levity”(see the video,below) and they had fun turning the wheel of “Andrejs’Bicycle Wheel”(which is sold!).

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November at the State of the Art

Three of my new works are prominently featured at the State of the Art Gallery for its November 2010 exhibit. From near to far,the works are:“Flying Through,”collage;“Yellow,Blue,Orange,and Red,”mixed media;and “The Open Doors,”mixed media. I think they are a new direction for me —people would not guess that they are mine. You can get a look at better images at “Autumn 2010.”

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Collages 2010

The collages in this series have three layers. First I completed a painting in bright colors. Then I put a layer of printed tissue paper over it,so that the painting under it still can be seen. The third layer consists of different shapes,numbers,and lines to make the picture richer. Visit “2010 Collage”for a look at more images.

New Work,New Website

Welcome to this new edition of Brilliant Colors —a new website launched with new work that I’ve completed over the past year. The website should make it easier for you to find my recent work as well as work from past years —just click on the links in the bar at the top of the page. The home page will always have news of my latest work,so you can tell what I have been up to at a glance!

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you like it!