August 2014

squaresxWhat a wonderful summer we have so far. With all the rain my flower bed is like a jungle. I have kept very busy continuing with the small paintings,which is very unusual for me. I have beenĀ using one shape and only one group of colors —blues and greens or yellow,orange and reds. I am interested in the sequence of patterns and the small format is good for that. It keeps the visual intensity focused like an exclamation point.

avavxToday I finished a picture with only one color. Now I am ready to go back to using all the colors that I like.

The two images here,“25 Triangles”and “Where Is The Trouble Maker?”will be displayed in the Salon at the back of the State of the Art Gallery this month.

Diana Ozolins and Margie Nelson are showing their work in the main gallery from July 30 to August 31. Please stop in to have a look if you can.

Have a great month!

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  • Susi Varvayanis

    Whenever I need a pick-me-up,some sunshine,or inspiration to brighten my day,I visit BrilliantColors. It never fails to help me see the playfulness of life,the welcome interaction that dark and light together bring.