August 2012

JOKER,three-dimensional collage

When I was a child,our family celebrated the Sunday together. Every week there were special meals,walks in the open air,and in the afternoon we had cake and coffee. After all these activities we always gathered to play games. One card game was “Rommee,” related to America’s “rummy.” We played the game in two versions —one was serious and with a lot of rules;the other was pure fun where cheating without being discovered was the goal. We mostly played the fun version and we laughed a lot. My favorite card in the deck was the Joker.

This collage was inspired by those childhood memories of the Joker and by the blue metal frame that called out to become a big,bright playing card. Besides capturing my childhood fun,I tried to maintain a good composition with the circles and balls,making sure that everything is exactly in the “right”place.

JOKER,a three-dimensional collage,will be in the September group show at the State of the Art Gallery.

This month I am showing one piece in the back room of the State of the Art Gallery;it’s a piece without color where the attraction for me was the  geometric shapes of a circle and a triangle. The main exhibit in the gallery is Yvonne Piburn’s solo show entitled,“Complements/Harmony.” There will be an opening reception Friday,August 3,from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Please join us if you are able to. The show will run until September 2.

Thank you!

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