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Contact Information

Elisabeth Gross-Marks
310 Sunnyview Lane
Ithaca,NY 14850


3 comments to Contact

  • ariel

    I heard you were looking for packing material? I have some bubble wrap and poly-type packing material if you still need. I am here today (Friday) until 4:30 or Sat 10-2 or Tuesday-Thursday 10-5:30

  • Kirsten Renker

    Hallo,Elisabeth. I´ve been trying to get into contact with you and now found this way.If this communication reaches you,please give me a sign and lets get into com. Love Kirsten.

  • Mrkos Rosmarie

    Hello Elisabeth
    I am packing up some pictures two from you and was wondering what you are doing.
    Remember the great time we had when you took portaits from our family in Switzerland?
    Thanks to this Website I could find you.
    Wish you all the best and hope to hear from you!
    Rosmarie Mrkos

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