About Elisabeth Gross-Marks

Jan.10,1940Born in Munich/Germany
1957-1961Studied painting at the Academy of Art with Prof. Nagel
1961-1962Studied painting at the Academy of Art in Berlin with Prof. Kaus
1962Scholarship from the Academy of Art in Berlin for a stay in Paris
1970-1985Art teacher at a public school
from 1950 onProfessional artist
1989Married and moved to USA

Solo Shows

  • 1982  —Gallery Anna,Munich
  • 1983 —Celebrity Center,Munich
  • 1984 —Frauenbuchladen,Munich
  • 1985 —Verwaltungsgericht,Munich
  • 1986 —Gasteig Munich:“Portraits”
  • 1987 —Dresdner Bank,Munich
  • 1988 —Gallery Steger,Stuttgart
  • 1988 —Celebrity Center,Zurich
  • 1989 —Studio Gross,Munich
  • 1990 —Binghamton,New York,City Hall
  • 1990 —State of the Art Gallery,Ithaca
  • 1996 —“Human Landscape,” Ithaca Airport
  • 1996 —“Prism,” Eclectic Junction Gallery,Chicago
  • 1996 —“Pigments of Imagination,” Four-person Show,Corning
  • 1998 –“Order and Fractured Order,” Two-person Show,State of the Art Gallery,Ithaca
  • 2000 —“Paintings and Sculpture,” Two-person Show
  • 2001 —“Spring Magic,” Two-person Show at CSMA,Ithaca
  • 2002 —Show at the Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport,Ithaca
  • 2004 —“Dancing with Colors,” Shangri La Gallery,Ithaca
  • 2005 —“The Alchemy of Color,” State of the Art,Ithaca
    “State of the World at the State of the Art,” group show
  • 2006 —Two-person show,Elisabeth Gross-Marks and Stan Bowman,State of the Art,Ithaca
    “Forces of Nature,” group show at State of the Art,Ithaca
  • 2008 —“Merry-Go-Round,” solo show,State of the Art Gallery,Ithaca
  • 2009 —participation in group show,“Art of Friends”in Ithaca
    participation in group shows at the State of the Art Gallery
  • 2011 —solo show,“Color Cascade”at the State of the Art Gallery

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