April 2013

NecklaceThe Necklace

I have always been inspired in my art by the basic shapes —the triangle,rectangle,square,and the circle. The circle is the strongest shape,especially when it is repeated several times.

"The Necklace"at the gallery this month

“The Necklace”at the gallery this month

The circles of the necklace are mostly red,only some have some blue or green on it. To be able to reduce the amount of color is very new for me. Between the circles are some sponges my husband found for me. I love to combine unusual things into my work. The Necklace is long and small and will fit beautifully on a high wall,especially good for someone who has already many of my paintings and hasn’t much more space left!

This piece is on display in the “Salon”of the State of the Art Gallery for the month of April,along with the work of other gallery members. The main room of the gallery this month has the very diverse work of Janet Sherman in a Solo Show. The opening reception will be Friday April 5,5:00-8:00 PM. Please join us!

Have a very good month!

1 comment to April 2013

  • Peter Specker

    The Necklace is incredible. I have never seen such an inventive,aesthetic shape.
    It is totally new in the art world.