Elisabeth Gross-Marks 1940-2017

On August 4,2017,Elisabeth left this world.

I had the privilege of keeping up this website for Elisabeth during the past decade or so. She wanted her friends and fans to be able to see her work,to keep up with the creativity that was a condition of her existence,but she needed someone who could manage what,to her,seemed like the incomprehensible complications of the Web. For me,it was a privilege and pleasure to post the new works that she produced until only a few months from the end.

Elisabeth Gross-Marks

Although she was a stranger to the “social media” that form so much of contemporary communication,she wanted to offer something new for her friends to look at every month. And,up to the last months,it was a new work that she had managed to create in spite of the physical difficulties that brought her finally to a halt. She was not happy with her condition,with the tremors and weakness that kept her from fully expressing herself. At the same time,she did not surrender the basic belief that an artist’s role is to bring joy into the world. The “brilliant colors”in the title that she chose for her website are integral to the mission of joy,happiness,peace,optimism that she felt was the purpose of an artist’s work. I like the review given at the retrospective show Elisabeth had at Shangri-La in Ithaca a few years ago:

A passion for color,trapped in prismatic shapes,but yearning to break free best describes the artistic pursuits of Elisabeth Gross-Marks. Her painting career,as represented in this retrospective exhibit,spans four decades and two continents,but the artist began painting in her native Germany when eleven years old. She studied art with Professor Nagel in Munich and Professor Kaus in Berlin. This exhibit chronicles an ongoing style that continues to develop. On the surface the Gross-Marks styles involve radical shifts and departures,but when considered as a whole,not only is there continuity,the works reveal an unfolding narrative of self awareness,outlining her discovery,experimentation,immersion,and most recently an explosion of color.

Color,joy,life are the things I will remember from Elisabeth’s productive life.

Andrejs Ozolins
[the photo and the video were done for the occasion of her last solo show at the State of the Art Gallery.]

April 2017

The Relatives Arrived

All this month at the State of the Art Gallery you can see this collage,“The Relatives Arrived.”In the front space of the gallery is work by two other members of the gallery,Barbara Mink and Patty Brown. A lot of exciting abstract art;please visit if you can!

March 2017

The Art of Friends

Opening reception of the Art of Friends show

Up and Down,collage


 The Art of Friends is an annual group show,now in its 12th year,held at the Unitarian Church in Ithaca. This collage is my contribution for this year. (It’s the left-most work in the photo of the reception,above.)  Stop in and see the many beautiful,varied works if you are in the area.


January 2017

“Moon andn Planets”
Collage —32″x 40″

“Getting Things in Order”
Collage,32″x 40″

This month at the State of the Art Gallery,half of the gallery’s members are showing their work.  Here are two of the the three collages that I’m showing. The opening reception for this show is on Friday,january 6,5:00-8:00 pm,and the show will be up until January 29,2017. I hope you can stop by and see it!

May 2016

EGR at SOAG May2016Visit the State of the Art Gallery this month to see these two works —“Jumping through the Hula Hoop,”on the left,and “Pickup Sticks.”The show runs all month and the opening reception is on Friday,May 6,5:00-8:00 pm.


ElisabethGM1200Reflecting on my life as an artist —surrounded by my work at the State of the Art Gallery. Listen to my reminiscences in this video.

Through the Hula Hoop

Jumping through the Hula Hoop

Jumping through the Hula Hoop

Here’s something fun to look at as we welcome spring —“Jumping Through the Hula Hoop”(32″X 40″).

March 2016

Playing PianoSome of my most recent work (as of January) is on the newest page of the website —called “New 2015

June 2015

flowercirclesMy show,“Series and Progressions,”is over now. All the paintings are back in their storage place for several weeks already,but I’m still thinking about the show and seeing it in my imagination.
It is a strange feeling to think that that time is past,it was such a wonderful event,beginning with the preparations for it. I got a lot of help from my fellow gallery-members. Eva Capobianco took care of the transportation of the more-than-40 pieces that I wanted to show. Then,together with Patty Porter,she hung all the pictures in the gallery and did a wonderful job of it! Each wall was a piece of art by itself,and the show was a wonderful celebration of colors. I think everyone who visited the gallery left happy and cheerful.
It was also very interesting for me to see all the paintings hanging on the wall and to find out if I achieved my goal —to integrate color into every composition. I think it worked,people responded to the positive emotions.

One of the galleries in Ithaca has offered me the opportunity to have another show. It is great to have another goal to aim for. I like to create new paintings,but now I have to set aside the time so that my imagination and ideas are flowing again.

This month,the gallery is featuring the work of Daniel McPheeters in a solo show called,“Dreamscapes:Landscapes and Skyskapes Reimagined.”It will be on display June 3-28 at the State of the Art Gallery.


March 2015

It has been a difficult winter,in climate and health. However,the days are getting longer,the sun is shining more,and I am looking forward to the unfolding of spring.

Ring Aound the RosyThe exciting news from me is that I will be having my solo show next month,April. Each member of the State of the Art Gallery is entitled to show for one month every four years and in April it will be my turn again. I have been a member of the gallery for many years,so I have had many opportunities to show my work. It is a wonderful feeling to prepare for a show,knowing that each piece will be hung in an ideal place in the gallery.

At the beginning of the year I became interested in the value of light and dark of each color. As I gradually started to use bigger shapes,I began to combine shapes,which made the composition stronger. Eventually,I discovered how strong a picture becomes when the shapes are repeated over and over. It becomes like a song of the Middle Ages, where the same melody was repeated seemingly without end. You have to concentrate when listening to this kind of music. I hope you will enjoy this experience when viewing my work!

The theme of my show “Series and Progressions”came up during working on several pieces. It was not planed and it was fun when the idea came to me and everything suddenly fit together! Ellie Hobbie,my friend,helped me to write the labels for the show and we realized that I have at least 40 pieces to show —and I have started ten more! I almost can’t sleep because I am so excited about it.

To add to the excitement,one of the television news teams from Syracuse is planning to come to the opening reception. It will be a wonderful festivity! Please come to the opening reception at the State of the Art Gallery on April 3,5:00-8:00 pm,and enjoy the variety of my work!

Meanwhile,have a good month!
Please come to the gallery and visit the show during April.

December 2014

Whenever I see something colorful in a store I have to buy it and make art with it! When I discovered a collection of bright buttons I had to have them,and they immediately became part of two pictures! During the Art Trail,a visitor to my studio liked both of them so much that he took them both home.

The Open Door

The Open Door

November was a busy and difficult month,with painting and teaching as well as some serious health problems. But,with the help of my husband,I came through it and can now work again.

For this month’s news picture,I chose “The Open Door,”a collage that I made some time ago. It feels very appropriate for this time —a very cheerful picture with the meaning that it is important to be open for new ideas and never give up. You can read some more about it in my January 2014 news. In case you want to see more please come to the open studio December 6.

At the State of the Art Gallery this month you will find our annual juried show,work by some of the very best artists in our region. It will be well worth your time to see this show.

October 2014



I am part of the Ithaca Art Trail,a yearly event for which more than 40 artists in the Ithaca area open their studios to the public on two weekends. Last weekend was the first of this year’s Art Trail,and I had several visitors and sold some paintings. I would like to invite you to come to my studio this weekend,October 18 or 19,between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  If you prefer a different time,please  phone me,(607)277-2419.

My address is 310 Sunnyview Lane,Ithaca,NY 14850.

I am looking forward to your visit.

This month’s show at the State of the Art Gallery features samples of work by all the Art Trail artists. My piece among them (shown above) is “Target,”a collage giving  the impression that the circles are moving.

For more information,the Art Trail Website is ArtTrail.com.

Have a good month!


August 2014

squaresxWhat a wonderful summer we have so far. With all the rain my flower bed is like a jungle. I have kept very busy continuing with the small paintings,which is very unusual for me. I have been using one shape and only one group of colors —blues and greens or yellow,orange and reds. I am interested in the sequence of patterns and the small format is good for that. It keeps the visual intensity focused like an exclamation point.

avavxToday I finished a picture with only one color. Now I am ready to go back to using all the colors that I like.

The two images here,“25 Triangles”and “Where Is The Trouble Maker?”will be displayed in the Salon at the back of the State of the Art Gallery this month.

Diana Ozolins and Margie Nelson are showing their work in the main gallery from July 30 to August 31. Please stop in to have a look if you can.

Have a great month!

July 2014

come_outDuring the past four weeks I have had three eye surgeries. After the last one I was not able to see anything with the right eye. I thought this is the end of painting for me. But just the opposite happened;I started to see a little bit more every day;it was like getting my life back as an artist.

I am actually very creative and productive again. Every day I do a new small painting. It is new for me to do something small. The advantage is that I can work fast and that I can move on quickly to the next idea. See more

May 2014

flowers-largeThis month the State of the Art Gallery is having a special show in collaboration with the Museum of the Earth that reflects the climate change. I have two pictures on display there. One is called Abundance and the other one The Apple Tree. Both pictures have a nice story.

Abundance:When I came to the United States,I had a flower bed for the first time in my life. I had no experience with gardening and I planted as many flowers in it as I could. So,every summer it looks like a jungle,an abundance of beauty.

The Apple Tree:On our hill,in front of every house,there used to be little apple trees. Unfortunately,they all died. We were the only people who didn’t cut down their dead little tree. But,after ten years that tree suddenly started to bloom in May and in the fall produced so many apples that we had to support the branches!

State of the Art Gallery

“The Apple Tree”and “Abundance”in the State of the Art Gallery this month

With these pictures I want to show how beautiful nature can be. We are the gardeners of this universe and we are responsible that the next generations are still able to enjoy it.   Both pictures are three-dimensional collages,size 32” x 40”

The show is open from April 30 until June 1. I hope you can stop in and see all the exciting work.

Have a good month,

April 2014

circles_and_lines‘’CIRCLES AND LINES”
Collage,18” x 25”

Sometimes a painting happens almost by itself —and that is how “Circles and Lines”came about. I had some shapes prepared for a big picture that I had in mind,until I realized they would look even better in a smaller format. Just then,I found the perfect frame for this composition on the street —and the result can be seen at the State of the Art Gallery in the back room during the month of April!

The main exhibit at the State of the Art this month is Eva Capobianco’s solo show,running April 2-27. Please join us for the  opening reception on Friday,April 4,5:00-8:00PM —or visit the gallery any time during April to see the show.

Have a great month!

March 2014

Playing PianoMusic was always very important in my family. I started playing the piano when I was seven years old,and I loved to play Bach and Mozart. I was very passionate about it. Now I often listen to music when I am working.

I would like my art to be like music —in this picture,the movements of the string could be the melody,the circles the chords, the red and blue shape the book. But,as always,the viewers are free to interpret the picture the way they like.

This month,the State of the Art Gallery presents the 25th Annual Photo Show,running from March 5 to 30. Please come to the opening reception on Friday,March 7,from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

I wish you a happy and productive month!

February 2014

The FlagA while ago I watched the movie,“Dreamer. It’s a movie about a race horse that was injured and was supposed to be put down. But a young girl saved it and secretly trained it to participate in a famous race. Even though nobody believed that it could happen,they won the race. At the end of the movie there are several girls riding onto the race track,swinging flags. There was so much energy and joy from having won against all the barriers. It was a beautiful scene,and it inspired me to do a picture named “The Flags.”

“The Red Path”is like “The Flags,”a collage . The contrast of red and green is the theme of the picture.

Both of these collages will be shown at the State of the Art Gallery in February as part of the 25th Anniversary Members’Show:Part 2. In addition,gallery member Syau Cheng Lai has her own show in the back room.

Please join us for the opening reception Friday,February 7,from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. If you can’t make it to the opening,please do visit the gallery during February to see this show.

Have a great month!